Live Like Sam

This post (  by my friend Sam got me thinking about how people spend and share their time. How life seems so cruel and unfair to some and so kind to others. How little time we have. How some will waste time and others will squeeze out every drop of this life before their flame is put out. Some of us will live a full life in half the time it takes others. Some of us won’t ever truly start living.

Sam has Cystic Fibrosis and for years working with her, I had no idea, because that’s how she is. She’s a doer. A grab life by the hair and swing kind of girl. No complaints, just full speed ahead; full joy, full passion, full on.

If you don’t know about Cystic Fibrosis,  Here's the abbreviated version- people who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis experience a loss of lung function over time. It gets harder and harder to breathe. There is no cure, and right now, the life expectancy is about 37.

As I read Sam’s post, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, about her family, about our time here, about what we do with it, what we don’t do with it, and what would we do if we knew it was measured in breaths.

It’s an idle Tuesday night and I can’t stop praying for Sam…

Some of us will hold on to the past. Always stuck in the same place. Angry. Too proud to budge. Some will move so fast, we can hold on to nothing at all. Running and running and running to catch whatever we thought was that one thing that could make us happy, just to get there and find nothing. Some of us will miss the boat, or not take the ride. Some of us will miss out, because we we're too afraid to try. Some of us will live a full life but regret all we didn't touch and all we didn't see.

Some of us will live so fully, so hard, so passionately that we can hardly keep our breath. We’ll brighten a room. We’ll be a force to reckon with. We’ll be told we can’t beat the odds and then prove we’re different. We’ll run. We’ll dance. We’ll sing. We’ll laugh. We’ll do so much it takes our breath away over and over and over again. Some of us will live like Sam.

We’ll grab life by the hand and say “Come on!” because we know our life is measured in breaths.

And when you tell us our time is slipping away, we’ll be as defiant as we can. We’ll exhaust all options. We’ll call on the highest power we know. We’ll fight a fight like you won't believe. We’ll live every day like it's the first one we've seen, because there’s so much to touch, and so many beautiful things to see, and with all our might we're going to breathe and breathe and breathe and breathe and breathe...

Breathe harder.

Love deeper.

Live fuller.

Like Sam.

For my friend Sam with all my might.