Courtney is the author of the Gnat & Corky Series; 16-books based on the spirit of real kids. Natalie Sorrentino (Gnat) is Courtney’s illustrator partner. Gnat & Corky Books are published by Orange Hat Publishing and can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Universal and diverse stories based on real kids. Gnat paints it. Corky writes it.


















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David was born with a genetic disorder. He is very small for his age and has only two fingers on his left hand. He is non-verbal and spoon-fed. This doesn’t stop him from being able to impact everyone around him in the most amazing and beautiful ways; with no words. His silence is underscored so profoundly by the love of his family. His mother, Lisa Leonard, is a Shepherd for him and all that is possible inside both of her beautiful boys.


David's Symphony is one of 16 books in the Gnat & Corky Series. Coming soon...





Bella (Isabella) just turned 12. She loves puns, silliness and that the world exists so she can eat pizza. Bella is super creative and sassy. She loves books and has starred in many plays. Bella was in a car accident that prevented her from going on as lead role of Cinderella in her school play. The play was postponed and in a few weeks when Bella can walk again, the curtain will rise and she’ll take her natural place in the spotlight. Break a leg, Bella- we know you’ll be smashing…no pun intended.

Addison the Light Catcher

This story is for all the advocates in the world fighting for someone else.

Meet Addison and Asher Nash

The world is a better place because of big sisters like Addison. She is her brother Asher’s biggest advocate, best friend, and a bright light for all children with Down syndrome and special needs. At the young age of eight, Addison understands what is most important; love, acceptance and happiness. If you live your life like Addison, you can add magic to the world in ways you have never imagined.


Addison the Light Catcher

By Courtney Kotloski

Did you know there is light inside of everyone? There is. And did you know you can catch it and share it with the world? You can. This is my super-duper light catcher; it’s fast, dependable and sparkly. I made it when my brother was born, because when he opened his eyes the light was jumping around everywhere.  At first, it hit me right in the eye, and bounced off the nursery wall out into the hallway. I told it to stop, but the light just kept running. I chased it around the house, through the laundry room, across the living room, past the kitchen, and out the front door. It stood shaking by the mailbox and I tried to plead with it. “Please, light! Let me catch you. I’ll put you up in the sky for all the world to see!” But the light just kept on running. Through the garden, out past the barn, and into the woods until finally we both had to stop because we could hardly breathe. “Please, light. Listen to me. I’ll take care of you and put you in a place where all the world can see how beautiful and special you are to me.” The light blinked and moved from side to side trying to decide if it trusted me. I realized it was afraid of what the world might think. I moved closer and gently held out my hand. “The world needs your light and I can help you shine.” I cupped my hands together and invited the light in. Then slowly, with a trusting sigh, the light surrendered and poured into my hands. That’s when I made my wish; “I wish I may, I wish I might, be forever the keeper of my brother’s light.” I stretched my arm back as far as it could go, and tossed the light up towards the stars with all my might. The light looked down smiling and beautiful from its place in the sky. It twinkled, and sparkled, and danced in my eyes. There it stands night after night and day after day, the brightest light I’ve ever been lucky enough to catch; my brother’s.



Davander Giving Thanks

Gnat & Corky Pinpoints

Davander wants to become a computer engineer. He is smart, kind-hearted, respectful, and considerate of everyone. Davander is thankful for his parents, bed, clothes, cat and his second grade teacher, Mrs. Kullman. Davander wishes he could teleport around the world to see everything, Gnat & Corky hope we get to go with him when he does.

 Davander Giving Thanks

I’m going to be a computer engineer! That’s someone who takes science and engineering and math and mixes it all up to make awesome things- like this teleportation machine I made. I call it The Davander Explorer.

Hey, you want to come with me?  I’m jumping in my teleportation machine and going all around the world to give things to people who need them. I’ve been collecting items for the trip; clothes, shoes, gum, blankets-but not the cat! Whiskers stays with me. She’s my pet. If we meet someone along the way that wants a cat, we’re just going to have to help them find another one, OK?

Now, let’s make sure we have everything on our checklist:

  1. MANNERS- look people in the eye when you meet them and say “please” and “thank you”. We’re gonna meet a lot of different people from all over the world. Let’s make sure they don’t get the wrong impression.

  2. LUCKY WHITE SOX HAT-never teleport without it! “Let's Go, Go-Go White Sox”- that’s the White Sox cheer, we can work on it when we’re teleporting all over.

  3. LOVE IN YOUR HEART-be thankful for what you have and people who love you; like your mom and dad, and Mrs. Kullman (she’s my teacher), and your bed, and your clothes.

Are you ready? If my calculations are correct…we just push this button right here and in three…two…one-WE’RE OOOOOFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The child in your life could be the next illustration and story for the Gnat & Corky Pinpoints blog. Have the child answer the questions below and send responses to by November 30th.

  1. Why was the world created?

  2. If you could add one thing to the world, what would it be?

  3. What is the most important thing in the world?

Mae on the Night Before Halloween

Mae on the Night Before Halloween…

I bet there’s something under my bed right now.

Where’s uni? Where’s uni? There he is. It’s you and me uni. Do not breathe. Hold tight to me. I’ll protect you.

What’s that?!

There’s something outside the window. Oh no. It’s scratching. Is that scratching or tapping?

Tap. Tap. Scratch…

Tap. Tap. Scratch…

It’s a witches cat. I just know it. How did it get up this high? I bet it flew with her from wherever the heck they come from. Probably a smelly cave with left over bones from things witches and witches cats eat. Disgusting. I bet it’s a mean cat with red eyes made of dragons’ fire. All the mean ones have fire for eyes.

It’s looking at my right now. I can feel the heat. It’s gonna burn through the window and jump on me!

I gotta get under the covers. My toes!!! My toes!!! I need more blankets. It’s GONNA EAT MY TOES!!!

Should call for my mom? I can’t scream. I bet the witch put a spell on me. I know she did. I am frozen. I can’t even breathe. She sprinkled some kind of spooky sauce on my toothbrush. I knew it tasted funny.

This is the end. I’m getting dizzy. I need to save myself.


M  ae on the Night Before Halloween . From the Gnat & Corky Pinpoints Blog series, where our followers become the story and the illustration. Will your little dreamer be featured next? Check out  Gnat & Corky .

Mae on the Night Before Halloween. From the Gnat & Corky Pinpoints Blog series, where our followers become the story and the illustration. Will your little dreamer be featured next? Check out Gnat & Corky.