Pay no attention to the person behind these ridiculous flowers.

(Or is it, pay no attention to the ridiculous person behind these flowers?)

Hi. I'm a writer. I work in a tornado shelter in the basement of a corporation. It's very glamorous. I started a blog to keep my soul from dwindling after nearly a decade writing for corporate America. I write all kinds of things for business, but you will find none of that here. If you want my business crap, email me so I can remove you from my list. Here you will find things to KEEP YOUR SOUL

Natalie Sorrentino and I have 16 children's books coming to market, The Gnat & Corky Series, (Gnat paints it. I write it.) which are universal stories about real kids. You can follow me on FACEBOOK. You can also follow Gnat & Corky on FACEBOOK and Instagram. I'm on Twitter too, but I just don't get it.

Thank you for stopping by, at least someone besides my mom is reading this stuff.