The Gnat & Corky Book Series


Universal and diverse stories based on the spirit of real kids.

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A teenager who may go blind and lives life to the fullest.  A big sister who is a light catcher for her brother with special needs. An animal advocate who started a shelter called the Happy Animals Club. A little girl who brings love and color to the world; these are a few of the stories in The Gnat & Corky Book Series and each holds a metaphor, meaning and place inside the heart of universality.  With messages that teach social and emotional awareness and a collection that allows children to see themselves in another child’s story; this series celebrates the beauty of our differences and the power and magic of the human spirit.

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Addison The Light Catcher

Listen to Addison tell the story of her super-duper light catcher. She made it when her brother with special needs was born to catch his light and share it with the world. This story about love, admiration and the special bond between  siblings sheds light on the power of  advocacy and the magic inside of everyone.


978-1-948365-25-3 (HC)

978-1-948365-28-4 (PB)

978-1-948365-42-0 (PB/ESP)


Gnat & Corky at the Wisconsin Upside Down Buddy Walk supporting families and siblings.

Gnat & Corky at the Wisconsin Upside Down Buddy Walk supporting families and siblings.






Ken The Keeper

Ken cares for all  things great and small until they are ready to be set free. He started a real shelter, The Happy Animals Club, that rescues thousands of animals each year. This story celebrates the spirit of “Keepers” everywhere and the impact that genuine care, kindness and selflessness can have on the      helpless and the world.


978-1-948365-59-8 (HC)

978-1-948365-58-1 (PB)

978-1-948365-90-1 (PB/ESP)


Will It Cover High Res.jpg

Will It

Sometimes fear can get in the way of dreams; that's not what Will thinks. He knows that the worst thing that could happen is that it’s too late to do the things you dream. This story encourages readers to “Get going. Surprise yourself. Be brave.” It’s a fun and daring tale that shows all you need is what’s inside you to overcome fear and live your dreams.


978-1-948365-98-7 (HC)

978-1-948365-97-0 (PB)

*Available in Braille